New to Windows phone....are these apps available?
Hi guys, the wife has a temporary phone.....Lumia 640.....she has it until February and is missing a few apps that put a smile on her mush. She had android until this week.

Can i ask what free music player is most common.
Can she get instagram and can she get snapchat?....


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Re: New to Windows phone....are these apps available?
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Could you please write in the correct section (Windows phone > Problems) and avoiding writing external links? I advice you to read the rules. You'll be able to find the Forum rules inside my signature and within the home page.

Before downloading some apps, I advice you to upgrade your device to the latest version of Windows 10 Mobile. You'll find an app inside the Store called "Upgrade Advisor". Just follow the instructions and you'll get Windows 10.

Groove Music is a gool music player and it's already installed on your device.
Snapchat isn't available
Instagram is available here: ... blggh5l9xt
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